Ypsilanti Cooperative Preschool in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Parents in Ypsilanti Michigan Working together for their childrens education in a cooperative preschool

Application Form

To enroll your child at Ypsilanti Co-operative Preschool, you will need to submit the registration application form along with a $35 application fee.

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Fall Classes.

Please download the registration application form below

2018-2019 Application form

A confirmation will be made to each parent / guardian regarding the receipt of the application and fee as well as enrollment status. The registration application fee of $35 will be refunded if your child is not enrolled due to lack of available spaces.

After receiving your confirmation, some of you may need a Central Registry Clearance through DHS – Michigan.  Read this if you’d like more information on the purpose of this form.  In a nutshell, it clears you to assist in the classroom.  If anyone else who cares for your child plans on assisting (your spouse, your child’s grandparent, etc.), they will need to obtain clearance as well. 

Clearances last for two years, so if you obtained clearance last year, you are good for this school year as well.  You can fill it out, attach a copy of your driver’s license, and hand-deliver or mail it to our local DHS office: DHS Central Registry Clearance, 22 Center St, Ypsilanti, MI, 48198. Complete Section 1 of the form, check “Individual” in the first box of Section 2, and complete the second box of Section 2 with your personal information (completing it as “Individual,” not using YCP info — remember you are requesting this for yourself).  If there are any fields which are not applicable (i.e., you don’t have a fax #, mark “0” so that all fields are completed.)

The request will come back to the address listed on your driver’s license.  This generally takes at least 10 working days to process, but word is that it takes longer than usual the closer we get to the school year (because they have more clearances to process), so the earlier you do this, the better.  You cannot assist in the classroom unless you have clearance.

Please download the clearance form below.

Clearance Form (Word Doc)


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